COVID-19 Policy & Procedures at Misselwood

We’re committed to your safety.

At Misselwood Events we are committed to providing a safe environment and exceptional service to all of our guests. COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of how gatherings are held, and we anticipate that these impacts will continue into our 2021 season.

We’re here when you’re ready. 

We promise to work with you to make your event a success. As you plan your event, we will offer guidance on any restrictions put in place by state, local, or federal authorities; as well as any additional policies dictated by Endicott College. We anticipate that capacity limits will fluctuate throughout the season, but, at a minimum all events will require masks and social distancing until further notice.

We’re in this together.

By working together, we can ensure that you, your guests, and our staff are safe—but we will need your help. Misselwood Events will share with you in advance all policies and protocols. As the planner for your group, we ask that you communicate all policies and expectations to your guests prior to the event. During the event, you will be our point of contact and the first person we will speak with regarding any noncompliance issues. 

We will post updates to this page as they become available. Thank you for considering Misselwood to host your event.

Endicott College Resources:

COVID-19 Policy & Procedures