• Bayview Hall
    Bayview Hall Outside
    Bayview Outside 2

    Built in 2005, Bayview Hall is a modern facility featuring double, triple, or quadruple occupancy, all with private bathrooms. Other features are common laundry, kitchen, and lounge areas.

    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 185
  • Brindle Hall
    Endicott's Brindle Hall
    Brindle Hall was renovated in 2016 with new ocean-facing common rooms. The hall includes a variety of room options, from single bedrooms to double- and triple-occupancy, and has common laundry, kitchen, bathrooms, and lounge areas.
    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 135
  • Endicott Hall
    a view of the endicott hall

    Endicott Hall features suites with shared, connecting bathrooms and common laundry, kitchen and lounge areas.

    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 134
  • Hawthorne Hall
    a view of the hawthorne house

    Hawthorne Hall features 8, 10, and 12 person suites that are fully equipped with a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 60
  • Kennedy Hall
    a view of the kennedy hall

    Kennedy Hall is centrally located on campus and includes four-person suites with galley kitchens, living rooms and either two or three bedrooms.

    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 100
  • Manchester/Gloucester Hall
    a view of the manchester hall
    a view of the gloucester hall

    Manchester Hall and Gloucester Hall are apartment-style units which include two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and private bath.

    Residence Details:
    • Manchester Capacity — 32
    • Gloucester Capacity — 32
  • Marblehead Hall
    a view of the marblehead hall
    an inside view of the marblehead hall

    Built in 2011, Marblehead Hall consists of mainly double occupancy. Features include spacious lounges, kitchenettes, fitness center, and laundry.

    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 256
  • Peter Frates Hall
    an aerial view of the peter frates hall
    a view of the peter frates hall

    Built in 2016, Peter Frates Hall consists of triple and quad rooms with a common bathroom, laundry and lounge areas.

  • Reynolds Hall
    a view of the reynolds residence hall housing

    Reynolds Hall is a converted Victorian mansion offering laundry, kitchen and lounge space.

    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 85
  • Stoneridge Hall
    a view of the stoneridge residence hall housing

    Constructed in 2002, Stoneridge Hall is a modern, eco-friendly facility. Features include double and triple occupancy with private bathrooms, common laundry, kitchen, lounge areas, water refill station, bicycle parking, high efficiency appliances, and recycling facilities.

    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 230
  • Williston Hall
    Williston Hall
    Each townhouse in Williston has three double-occupancy bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and kitchen. Williston is situated in close proximity to all of Endicott's athletic facilities.
    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 60
  • Winthrop Hall
    a view of the winthrop residence hall housing

    Winthrop Hall is an historic property with ocean views featuring singles, doubles and triple rooms. This hall also includes common laundry, a lounge area, and private and common bathrooms.

    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 38
  • Woodside Hall
    a view of the woodside resident hall housing

    Woodside Hall features six units with five single bedrooms in each.

    Residence Details:
    • Capacity — 30