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Misselwood Rally Series Part IV - Saturday, October 24

The cars will be leaving the Misselwood Estate at 9 a.m. on their way towards Beverly Farms. The drive will take Haskell Street to Hart Street and head towards Wenham on Grapevine Road. They will then cut across Miles River Road and Bridge Street where they will meet up with Route 1A and head towards Ipswich. After driving on Routes 1A/133 through Ipswich into Rowley, the cars will then cut across Central Street on their way to meet Route 1. The drive will then head through the Governors Academy as they take Middle Road all the way to Hanover Street where they will then turn right onto Route 1A and head south.

After around 10 miles on Routes 1A/133 the cars will then take a scenic drive out to Great Neck and loop around and head back into Ipswich where they will then turn left onto RTE 133 and head to Essex. The journey will continue through the center of Essex on the way to Gloucester staying on Route 133 the entire way. Once they reach Route 127 they will head to Magnolia via Hesperus Avenue and then meet back up with Rte. 127 as they continue up the coast to Manchester-by-the-Sea. The cars will follow Rte. 127 all the way back to Endicott College.

After a quick loop through the main campus of Endicott the drive will conclude back at the Misselwood Estate. The rally will have been just over 65 miles in length and the cars should be arriving back at Misselwood just after noon. Unfortunately, there will be no stops for public viewing, but please look for us on the road!

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