Overnight Programs FAQs

  • Are toiletries provided to attendees?

    It is recommended that participants of programs provide their own toiletries. There is the option for the conference to purchase in advance the package that includes limited toiletries.

    NOTE: Residence halls that have group bathrooms will have soap and dryers in the common bathrooms.

  • How is the housing assigned?
    Misselwood will provide the program contact housing sheets with instructions one month in advance to arrival, and ask that they be completed one week before arrival.
  • Is there a fee to access Wi-Fi on campus?
    No, Wi-Fi is available in all residence halls and academic buildings, by simply logging onto the guest network.
  • Is there a fee to park on campus?
    No, free parking is available on campus. It is recommended that you confirm if there is a designated parking location for the program you are attending. It is required that vehicles be parked in legal parking spaces, not on the lawn or in fire lanes.
  • What is included in the linen package, for programs that provide linens?
    A linen set consists of pillow, pillowcase, two sheets, blanket, and one bath towel. There is the option for guests to rent an additional towel or blanket at the cost of $5 per item. It is recommended that guests bring their own beach towels and makeup removing wipes.
  • What type of housing options are provided?

    Endicott offers a variety of housing options for our summer programs. We have suite-style housing that is commonly preferred by adult programs as well as traditional residence halls that are preferred for the youth programs. Air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms exist on campus. Accommodations include private bathrooms, shared bathrooms, or group bathrooms.

    The accommodations assigned to each program are based on availability as well as the features that best accommodate the need for the program. Free laundry is available.

  • Will my program be housed in the same residence hall as another summer program?
    No, Misselwood believes in allowing each program their own residence hall. There are times that more than one residence hall may be required to accommodate a summer program.